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Losing a significant amount of weight can leave you feeling your best, but it can also leave you with loose or excess skin. Dr. Gail Yohe of Ideal Weight Loss Round Rock-Georgetown in Texas, offers skin tightening and toning treatments that help you look as good as you feel. Dr. Yohe and her highly trained weight loss team offer medical support, balanced nutrition, and noninvasive cosmetic procedures for men and women of all ages. Call or schedule a consultation online to learn about the skin tightening treatments offered by the professionals at both Ideal Weight Loss locations.

Skin Tightening Q & A

by Gail Yohe, DO

What is a skin tightening treatment?

A variety of treatments and procedures can tighten your skin and give you a more youthful appearance. Laser skin tightening is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical procedure that tightens skin under the surface by using an infrared light source. Typically, the procedure effectively reduces the appearance of lines and firms skin on your face or another area of your body. The result is softer, smoother, firmer-looking skin.

Laser skin tightening also promotes the growth of new collagen in the treated area. Most procedures are safe, effective, and fairly comfortable overall. Downtime is minimal, if any, and most people return to their daily activities immediately following a treatment. Dr. Yohe offers the Cutera® enlighten™ skin revitalization technology.

How does the enlighten skin tightening procedure work?

Cutera’s enlighten technology is an advanced laser system that tightens skin, removes tattoos, and corrects pigmented skin without surgery. Originally designed to remove tattoos, enlighten offers “picosecond” laser technology to firm your skin with minimal discomfort. This means an invisible infrared light penetrates below the skin’s surface to rejuvenate your skin and stimulate new collagen production.

What are the benefits of enlighten skin tightening treatments?

Many women and men want a younger, more youthful appearance without expensive and painful surgeries. The enlighten nonsurgical laser skin tightening treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Tightening of mild to moderately loose facial or body skin
  • Minimal or no downtime
  • Very low risk of any adverse effects
  • Convenient in-office treatments that take about an hour
  • Results that may last up to a year*

What other options are available?

In some cases, a combination of skin tightening and body sculpting treatments may give you the most noticeable results. Dr. Yohe also offers truSculpt® 3D body sculpting treatment to safely and effectively diminish fat and decrease the circumference of your abdomen and sides. The noninvasive truSculpt 3D procedure uses radio frequency (RF) technology to tighten and tone your waist by dissolving fat cells that your body then naturally eliminates.

If you wish to sculpt and refine a specific area of the body, you may want to consider both the truSculpt 3D and the enlighten procedures. Dr. Yohe can advise you on how these advanced laser and RF technologies can help your outward appearance match your youthful, healthier lifestyle. Call or schedule a consultation online at either of the Round Rock or Georgetown, Texas, locations.

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