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Learning to eat healthier, more nutritious and satisfying foods is often the first step toward achieving your long-term weight loss goals. Dr. Gail Yohe of Ideal Weight Loss Round Rock-Georgetown in Texas and her experienced team of nutritional coaches can help you discover a nutrition plan that’s best for your body type and overall health concerns. Dr. Yohe has more than 20 years of experience as a physician, so she understands the important role nutrition plays in weight loss and healthy living. Call or schedule a consultation online today.

Nutrition Q & A

by Gail Yohe, DO

How do I get the proper nutrition while losing weight?

Many adults think the key to losing weight is to deprive themselves of eating foods they like. But when they drastically reduce their caloric intake, it can be at the expense of their overall nutrition and health. Dr. Yohe wants you to know that you can still lose weight while eating nutritional foods. One way to get the nutrients you need while reducing your calories is with the help of a nutritional coach and Ideal Protein meals and supplements.

What is Ideal Protein?

The four-phase Ideal Protein meal and supplement plan is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely and permanently, while getting the best nutrition. The Ideal Protein system offers a line of complete meals, shakes, and snacks that help you eat a more balanced diet. Many of the Ideal Protein meals, snacks, and shakes contain 25 essential vitamins and minerals plus 20 grams of protein.

Dr. Yohe and one of her trained nutritional coaches will help customize a plan that’s best for your nutritional needs as well as your busy lifestyle. For your convenience, the Ideal Protein products you need are available at both the Round Rock and Georgetown locations, too.

How do I know which weight loss plan is best for me?

Often, the first step in losing weight and keeping it off is education. Dr. Yohe and your nutritional coach offer an individualized approach to weight loss. They’ll design a meal plan that’s right for you, meet with you each week to review your diet, and provide nutritional support to help you meet your goal. Some of the keys to a successful weight loss plan include:

  • Realistic, attainable goals
  • A reduced-calorie, balanced nutrition plan
  • Regular physical activity
  • An education and behavior plan to help you stay on track during and after weight loss

Additionally, the Ideal Weight Loss medical and nutritional team helps you set realistic goals so you can get to your desired weight. Even losing a small amount of weight can have a big impact on your health and well-being. Getting to your desired healthy weight can be a life-changing experience.

Dr. Yohe welcomes you to call or schedule an appointment online today at the Round Rock or Georgetown, Texas, offices.

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