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Dr. Gail Yohe

After practicing 20 years in Round Rock she retired as OBGYN in 2007 secondary to neck injury. While undergoing subsequent multiple necks surgeries she was unable to practice medicine. With a 20 weight gain due several steroid injections & inactivity she was determined to get weight off. Her occupational doctor recommended Ideal Protein. It took her 5 short weeks to achieve her goal.

During her entire years of practice she actively worked with patients to help them with weight loss. Ideal Protein was the missing link that was not available at the time. Once her medical condition stabilized her Occupational Medicine Doctor, who is a Regional Director for Ideal Protein in Central Texas area, helped her startup her own weight loss clinic using Ideal Protein. She was excited to open Round Rock Ideal Weight Loss in March 2011 and another clinic in Georgetown in October of 2015; both clinic using Ideal Protein for weight loss.

Falling back on her Primary Care training she has treated and acts as consultant to her 4 diet coachs to treat Metabolic Syndrome and other medical conditions.


Joni Woollen – Nutritional Coach
Joni has been certified with Ideal Protein and trained under Dr. Yohe. Joni loves to work with clients and encouraging them through both their weight loss and weight maintenance journeys. She is knowledgeable, patient and understands the struggles and challenges of both diet and lifestyle changes. Her personal testimony is as much about maintenance as it is about weight loss. She would be pleased to help you on your journey as well. Joni lives in Georgetown, TX.


Phyllis Chapman – Nutritional Coach

Phyllis is a 35 year resident of Georgetown. Prior to joining Ideal Weight Loss as a coach over four years ago she worked with physicians for 30 years and has personally worked with Dr. Yohe for 23 year both in Dr. Yohe's Ob-Gyn practice and Ideal Weight. Having worked in the medical community she had seen patients struggle with their weight and the health issues related to excessive fat. She has witnessed amazing results that improve the quality of life for her dieters and continues to follow her dieters after they achieve their desired goal, assisting them in stabilizing and maintaining their weight loss..

Rhonda Johnson


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