Our Program


Four Phases:

Phase 1: To be followed until desired weight loss is achieved.

  • Breakfast - Ideal Protein Packet
  • Lunch - Ideal Protein Packet + 2 cups of vegetables
  • Dinner - *5-8oz beef, fish, or poultry + 2 cups of vegetables*Alternative protein choices are available
  • Snack- Ideal Protein Pack

Phase 2: To be followed for 2 weeks.

  • Same as Phase 1, but lunch packet is replaced by a protein of your choice.

Phase 3: Healthy carbohydrates and fats are slowly reintroduced into the diet for 2 weeks.

Phase 4: Maintenance! Clinically supervised for 2 weeks. After that, monthly visits. A trigger weight will be established once you have reached your goal weight.

  •  *Alternative protein choices are available
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