How to increase fluid intake during cold weather

Ever had Wassail or Mulled Cider???   We have found the IP approved version :-)

Add one Packet of the Peach and Mango powder drink(mixed with 12 Oz Water in Shaker) Warm in microwave for one minute(keep an eye on it so it doesn't foam over on you) add to 16 OZ Hot Chai Tea Decaf ( Our favorite is Stash)  The Hotter the BETTER!!!! Really makes spices come to life.!!

Put in Thermos like Yeti and enjoy over course of several hours.

***  Can sip with Lunch or Dinner, because of the low carb count.  Be sure to count as one of your IP Packets for the day.***

Rhonda Johnson Ideal Weight Loss Coach- Round Rock Georgetown Clinics

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