4 Factors that Contribute to a Successful Weight Loss Plan

Our busy, complex culture puts us under stress and compensates by offering plenty of rewards, like delicious, no-prep meals that you can pop in the microwave or gulp on the drive to or from work. But eating without paying attention to what you’re eating is one of the contributors to puzzling weight gain that you just can’t remedy.

And as you’ve probably noticed, traditional diets only make the problem worse. Sure, you lose a few pounds after you’ve starved yourself for weeks. But as soon as you go back to your normal habits, the pounds not only come back, they come back harder, and you’re now heavier than you were before your “diet.”

Dr. Gail Yohe, nutrition specialist here at Ideal Weight Loss Round Rock-Georgetown, has been there, too. Her weight-loss struggles led her to the Ideal ProteinⓇ protocol, which she and our team are happy to share with you at our Texas health centers. Here, we offer four important factors that are involved in healthy, permanent weight loss:

1. Set attainable goals

It’s easy to “slip off the wagon” if you aim too high and don’t have an accountability partner. Dr. Yohe and her expert nutritional counselors keep you on track by setting up realistic, achievable goals that help you reach your goal weight slowly, healthily, and comfortably. You get one-on-one coaching and online tools that support you during your weight-loss journey.

2. Eat healthy to stay nourished

You may be relieved to know that a healthy diet doesn’t mean you don’t eat much -- it means you should find better things to eat. Some of the foods that Dr. Yohe recommends may be new to you, which means you’ll be expanding your tastes as you shrink your waistline.

Learning to shop at the outer aisles of the grocery store — which are stocked with fresh vegetables, fruits, and high-quality proteins like fish and meats — opens up a new world of simple meals with rich and delicious flavors. The medically supervised Ideal Protein protocol is a ketogenic diet that emphasizes eating healthy proteins to build strong organs, muscles, and skin. Ketogenic diets also cause your body to burn fats instead of carbs for energy.

The Ideal Protein protocol includes easy-to-follow recipes and convenient prepared meals and meal replacements for when you’re too busy to cook. The Ideal Protein blog also contains tips on how to include the whole family — including kids — in healthy meal preparation.

3. Add in more (fun!) physical activities

Exercise is a key part of getting your body to work optimally and burn calories efficiently. Dr. Yohe recommends finding activities you enjoy that you can do with other people or even an exercise buddy. Whether you decide to take dance classes, ice-skating lessons, join a team, or form a running club, when you have friends who have your back, it makes exercising fun again.

4. Keep the weight off for good

Part of the Ideal Protein plan involves learning about what your body needs in order to function optimally. When you understand how food works in your body, and how your cells are energized or depleted by different kinds of foods, you’ll make healthier choices that still taste delicious. Understanding why you gain weight and the processes needed to maintain a healthy weight can take the mystery out of why diets never worked for you and why your new Ideal Protein lifestyle plan does.

Embrace your ideal

If you’ve already reached your goal weight, but still have areas of genetic fat that don’t budge, you don’t have to give up. At Ideal Weight Loss, our experts also offer body-contouring treatments that permanently eliminate fatty bulges for good.


To get started on your ideal figure and healthier, sustainable lifestyle, call our Round Rock or Georgetown center or click the “request appointment” button here on the website.

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